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About The Queen

The Queen

Hi!  I'm glad you are here.  My name is JQ and I really was born a Queen!  My middle name is Queen and I have obviously learned how to embrace that.  

I am a little bit of everything all balled in to one.   I could take a moment to quote Steve Miller Band and if I'm being honest at least 75% of those "I'm a... blanks" are true about me, but I won't do that!   (I bet at least one person googled the lyrics to that song just to see what all they list out!)   I have semi-decent grammar; I have a very sarcastic attitude/personality and I tend to make jokes when most think it is in appropriate!  I sing (a lot); I dance when I think no-one is watching and I believe in real life fairy tales

The Duke

Duke is my side-kick.  He is a Lab/Great Dane mix and we have only been together two short years.  He is a rescue and he did a great job of picking me out!  Yes, I am aware that our names go together perfectly and no... I didn't do that on purpose.   

Why am I here?

Well I am here to write.  I hope to write a little bit about the good times and a little bit about the bad times.  I hope to share my love for music and my experiences while traveling.  I hope to maybe help someone see things a little differently, but most importantly and the real reason I started this blog... I miss the hell out of my Dad.  He passed away from Cancer in April and the last few months have been a never ending roller coaster.   I hope to feel better and maybe help someone else feel better about their loved ones cancer diagnosis or missing someone.

If you were to ask my inner circle they would probably tell you that I don't share enough or talk about my feelings enough.  I know that a lot of them are worried about me because they feel that I bottle too much inside.  I'll be honest... Sometimes my thoughts are too loud for my head and I have to get them out somehow.  I started out just writing to myself in word documents, but eventually I would find reasons not to do that.  My hope is that with a blog I might get one or two people who visit my site on the regular and maybe I might start to feel like I owe it to them to write out loud.  I don't ever expect you to read everything I write or comment or come up with some solution to makes things better.  Sometimes I could just use some listeners.

So I'd like to thank you in advance for listening.

The Queen and The Duke!

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